Brother Johnny Dinas: Man of Prayer

In 1986, I would meet a retiring minister in Grenada, Mississippi who would become like family forever.  I finished seminary in May just as he retired — without his beloved Orena who had graduated (to Heaven) just months before.  Ironically, my husband and I married on their wedding anniversary –he prayed for us… and then sent a little pink Bible as Hannah arrived and another one as Julia arrived.  He prayed us through great joy, great trial and great sorrow.

He taught a seminar on prayer to my campus ministry at Delta State.  One concept changed me forever.  Listening to God should take at least as much time as speaking to Him.  When we spend all our time telling Him our needs and wants, it is as if what WE have to say is more important than what HE has to say.

He’s 95 now.  I go by anytime I’m in the area.  I always feel like I’m the most special person in the world when I’m in his presence.  He wants to know how the pastors are and the conference, and his beloved Church in Pontotoc.  The last time I stopped by was in June —I unfurled the banner with the beautiful picture of the lake and gave him a brochure of Crossroads Prayer Retreat.  I should have known the second gift ever to CPR would be a check for $100 from Brother Johnny.  Might as well be 100 Million coming from him!

The most expensive gift is his gift of prayer.  The beautiful aroma lifted up to the Lord every night and day.  I want to be like him — a prayer warrior — full of humility, yet violence.  God is making a place for prayers to be said, burdens to be lifted, healing to happen and miracles to break out!




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