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Do you ever get impatient???

The Lord is teaching me to WAIT on HIM.  I came with Wade to a conference in Atlanta expecting to spend a lot of time with Rick Bonfim’s ministry in Athens, GA.  Wade’s trips to Cuba and Rio de Janiero, Brazil with Rick were powerful.  Our trip together in March to Israel was the third time I’d been — this time I felt Jesus was walking with me the whole time and continued to do so when we returned.

When I prepared to rent a car, I discovered I had left my drivers license at home.  The self condemnation tried to come, but I felt an almost immediate peace from the LORD –“I just want you to rest and spend time with me”  So I rested and enjoyed reading, walking and relaxing yesterday and will get to take public transportation today to be with Rick’s ministry!

We have a choice every day — to change the things that we can, to accept the things we can’t and use wisdom to know the difference!  I am past ready to begin the actual physical building process on the farm.  There are easements to obtain, papers to be signed, permits to be gathered and more than that MANY prayers to be prayed!

I am learning to take one step at a time — trust the Lord’s leading and timing, and depend on others He calls to do this ministry with me.  Let me know if the Lord is calling you somehow to help.

This is what I hear:  –Have regular prayer/worship meetings in Tupelo and Corinth with those willing to help and cover in prayer.

                                –Contact specific people that the Lord shows me.

                                –Clear out my house and my parents old house quickly of things that encumber me

                                –Trust HIM completely

                                –WAIT,  HEAR,  GO,  DO

I think that’s the Word of the Lord for ALL of us — WAIT, HEAR, GO, DO        with love for the journey,   Ginger

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