Support Us

Our ministry is a 501c3 non-profit organization

We will gladly receive bank draft and donations may be mailed to:

Crossroads Prayer Retreat
c/o  Stephanie Clausel, Treasurer
P.O. Box 298
Corinth, MS  38835

Rev. Ginger Jones Holland left her pastoral ministry June 30, 2018 believing the Lord will move faithful people to support this ministry and vision.  Financial gifts, items, building materials and volunteer help of every kind is needed.

Invite Ginger to come speak!

We will have a gathering of interested persons in Corinth soon.


  • Praying & planning
  • Mowing, clearing the sticks, brush, repairing and putting up fence
  • Building the Lodge and Cabins (pro and amateur)
  • Road cleared and built
  • When the lodge is built, we will need:  musicians, speakers, cooking, cleaning, serving, secretarial and hospitality/welcoming
  • Helping Lelia  (and Ginger) with the garden and greenhouse
  • Building a dock on the lake
  • Sports, transportation of children to day camps, etc.