A Haven of Restoration and Renewal

A Place to Hear the Lord’s Voice

A Place of Healing and Hope

A Place of Worship and Wonder

What’s Happening Now?

Ginger Holland is stepping out of the boat in total faith to build a vision the Lord has given her.  God promised the gift of peace, and He created an unspeakable beauty in nature as a place to find this repose.  Ginger’s heart is a farm retreat where pastors, their families, church staff and church groups can gather in Jesus name. There, you might find rest and healing in Him.  Everyone needs time to recharge.  Here, we envision honing skills of worship leaders through both word and song, writing music individually and together, while glorifying our Maker. The center of all Christ relationships must be Prayer.  The focal point of our ministry is just that – Prayer.  Learn the raw power of prayer, how to tap into that power, how to pray specifically for and with others in the way we are instructed.  Prayer is the key!

What’s coming in the future?

In addition, the vision includes church day camps, camps for inner city children, fresh grown garden food with a little how-to, cross country trails, and even sports camps emphasizing mind, body, spirit as one.

Join us!

We invite you to join us to see God’s total plan by sharing and supporting this vision and ministry.

Ginger’s enthusiasm and excitement is overflowing.  She would love to speak to your group or church to share more about this Jesus Journey.